Statistical Performance Evaluation Characterization Software (SPECS) is a complete web-based database, analysis and reporting tool designed to streamline the semiconductor design to production flow. It dramatically reduces the time required to get your product to market by eliminating time consuming and error prone manual data collection, analysis and reporting.

Data Warehouse

SPECS is multi-user multi-database and multi-server system. Your data can be stored across different storage devices. The data is organized in a very well easy to manage structure and can be searched by any parameters and accessed quickly for review and analysis.

SPECS also allows easy data manipulation and editing, data extraction, advanced search and more.

The software can read all common data formats and its variations. It allows the user to 'fine tune' format settings and behaviour. Custom formats can be easily created.

Data insertion can be done manually or automatically.


SPECS gives you a fast, flexible way to create, distribute and manipulate your data. All analysis performed by SPECS can be turned into a static or dynamic report. SPECS allows to mix different analysis data: graphs, tables, statistics, text, comments to create highly customized reports.

Report styles allow you to customize the complete look and feel of the reports.

Templates automate report creation and can be run in real-time so you can drill into important details and respond immediately to any issues or opportunities, increase revenue, and improve the overall performance.

Reports can be saved to different file formats, printed, emailed or published over the internet. Published reports are dynamically updated.


Automate repetive tasks using templates. Each template can hold an unlimited number of tasks. Simply save settings for a repetitive task like the weekly yield results or incoming data insertion.

Once defined and saved, these tasks may be performed again and again. Execute the tasks manually or schedule an execution at any given time. This consistent and repeatable process will help you improve the quality of your data and save you hours of time.

Generate a full or selective report by running a template at any given time. Setup automated email reporting.

Web-based collaboration

Using web technologies, SPECS works like any web page. Access the system from any computer with a browser, independent of operating system or location and simply login and go ahead with your business.

Since SPECS is 100% web-based, any staff, who can use a browser will easily master the system. This means that there is no time-consuming or expensive training for your staff.

All the ongoing administration for the system can be changed on the fly with a browser without the need of a tech administrator.

Custom Analysis

SPECS supports a numerious ammount of data analysis tools and tester data formats which is more than sufficient for our customers.

But if this is not enough for you, our engineers can quickly develop plug-in modules for SPECS to perform any type of insertion and analysis of your data. Plugins are seamlessly integrated into the software and the results can be added to reports as well as to templates.

Whether you need a graphical analysis using non-standart plots, advanced statistics or want to customize and enchance existing SPECS features - all this can be quickly accomplished by our stuff.



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