SOC 93000 Workstations fully configured for offline development

Linux Offline Workstations
  • High Performance Dual Xenon CPUs
  • 4GB RAM
  • Multiple High Capacity or High Performance configurations
  • Fast 15k SCSI Drives
  • Verigy SmarTest software* v4.3 and above

HP-UX Offline Workstations:
  • C3600 552Mhz controller
  • C3700 750Mhz controller
  • C3750 875Mhz controller
  • 18 Gig HD standard
  • 1024MB Memory standard
  • HP VISULIZE fxe graphics card
  • Internal CD ROM
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • 10/100Mbs LAN
  • Verigy SmarTest software* upto v5.2
  • All systems fully tested and burned in
  • Over 450 systems have been sold with “ZERO” failure rates

* Software installed in accordance with any existing Verigy licensing agreements.
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