BCS provides following services.

Test Vector Generation Vector conversions, design simulation to tester, tester to tester, and creation of new test cases (new vectors) through using your design database. Applications for vector compression up to 4X.
Test Program Development Characterization and Production ASIC Test programs using the A93000 (formerly HP93000) SOC Test platform. Design and build probe cards and load boards for IC test. Support is also available for HP83000 and F660 platforms.
Design Applications Custom IC development and expert consulting services to the electronics and related industries. We function as an off-site design engineering team that handles the electrical and physical design of project.
SOC 93000 offline simulation We offer SOC 93000 systems below cost. Agilent SOC 93000 and F330 software fully configured for offline development. All systems fully tested and burned in.

Access your data from anywhere in the word. All you need is internet access and a web browser. We do the rest.

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