All products are designed as stand alone or as 'plug-ins' to your application. Every product has it's own team of support engineers which can be reached via email or phone. All software products include free support and upgrades for 15 months after purchase.

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V2SOC Vector translation tool: The most powerful tool in the industry for converting VCD, WGL, and STIL files to Agilent ATE system. V2SOC supports BIST ASSIST, and X16 modes. This is the only tool that will support the next generation Pinscale 3.6Gbit solutions form Agilent. Playback and standard waveform capabilities
SPECS A complete web-based database, analysis and reporting tool designed to streamline the semiconductor design to production flow. It dramatically reduces the time required to get your product to market by eliminating time consuming and error prone manual data collection, analysis and reporting.
BADCHIP Graphically represents the failing components on any module or PC board. Tool will display bad components on x86 boards to memory modules. Automated setup with support for PADS and ACCEL schematic capture.
SPD Tool Graphically allows fast setup for accurate programming of all data fields for EEPROMS. SLASH 8 seconds of test time per module. Built in compatibility for PC100 and RAMBUS.
Expander Vector compression and conversion firmware. Test solution to allow over 1Gb/s test on the F330. Vector compression to 3X for non IO, RZ and edge compare data.
Vector Compression BCS offers the fastest and the most efficient vector translation methods on the market. Our translator will translate data virtually to/from any test platform.
Custom Software Products An in house staff of software engineers can quickly develop your specific application.

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